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Bes Bollmann

Widest range of high quality Bes Bollman Moisture Meters and Drying Kilns imported from Germany

Bes Bollmann has been a trusted supplier of Nukor for many years. The German manufacturer has been developing high quality equipment for the wood industry for more than 40 years. We trust Bes Bollmann as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products and system solutions for the wood processing industry. Our customers rate the products of Bes Bollmann for their quality, durability and low maintenance requirements

Bes Bollmann wood working machinery that Nukor imports and supplies to the South African market includes

Timber drying technology

Control Technology

Moisture meters

Bes Bollmann timber drying kilns equipment and technology

Timber drying technology

Timber can of course be left to dry in open air. However climate and weather conditions change all the time and its natural conditions differ to the ideal conditions used for drying wood. Hence open air wood drying can take extremely long and the attained moisture content can differ greatly form the moisture contained wished for.

Use drying technology you can rely on.

For desired and consistent wood drying results Nukor recommends using kilns with a drying technology that is based upon scientific computer programs. Bes Bollman provides a very high quality range of such kilns. Their computer programs will be able to control and analyze the complete drying cycle.

Bes Bollmann timber drying control systems for old and new kilns

Control Technology

For a kilns optimal function Nukor recommends fitting it with the correct control system. In order to provide a comprehensive and ultramodern system of timber drying kilns, BES Bollmann also provides control technology.

Bes Bollmann wood drying control technology does not only fit new drying kilns. You can also give your old drying kiln a makeover by equipping it with a new control system.

Since the early 70’s Bes Bollmann has manufactured control systems for:

- Saw timber drying kilns

- Steaming chambers

- Vacuum drying kilns

- High-temperature drying kilns

- Combined steaming and drying kilns

- Condensation kilns

Bes Bollmann wide range of moisture meters for measuring measuring moisture content in wood and building materials

Moisture meters

Its true – wood moisture and success can be measured!

At Nukor we know how important it is for all customers that process wood to measure moisture content. We want our customers to be able to measure the moisture content with accuracy and ease. This is why we stock the broadest range of top quality moisture meters.

Bes Bollman manufactures a range of high quality moisture content measurement devices for both wood and building materials. We have trusted Bes Bollman moisture meters to measure moisture the moisture content with precision and in a user-friendly easy manner


To cater for our customers various needs we sell three types of moisture meters.

1. Pocket Series


Easy Contact

The pocket series moisture meters are good value starter models. The moisture meters are extremely easy and quick to use. Measurement results are immediate. Bes Bollman has calibrated the Easy and Easy Contact moisture meters for all central European wood types. Nukor has tested the moisture meters for African woods and the results have been very positive. Over the years our customers both in the wood working and the building material industries have been very satisfied with this range of moisture meters.

Easy plus

Easy comfort 

The new Easy Series moisture meters allows our customers to measure in places that’s are difficult to reach. The moisture meter sries comes with a Data Hold functionality that makes hard to reach measurement places accessible.

The Easy plus and the Easy comfort are easily adaptable and customizable to our customers’ individual needs. Both moisture measurement devices can be set for two wood categories and two building categories.

Both devices have a contact lid assimilated into the moisture meter to provide a non-invasive surface measurement procedure.

The Easy comfort can attain an even more accurate moisture measurement as it is also able to measure the wood’s temperature and take this into account when measuring the wood’s moisture content.

2. Professional Series

 H-DI 3.3

H-DI 3.10

 The H-DI moisture meter series permits customers to manage 300 wood types and moisture content ranges from 4 to 100%. The high performance of these moisture meter devices is backed by its temperature correction abilities and its use of various sensors.

3. Master Series

Combo 100

Combo 200

Combo moisture meters are the most adaptable moisture measurement devices.

The moisture meters lets customers make their own calibration curves and lets them save measurement results on the measurement equipment. This allows customers to later evaluate the moisture measurements on their PC. This is the moisture meter for professionals.

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