Fruit Logistica Visit 2019 – Berlin

Nukor’s recent visit at the Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin, world’s largest exhibition within the international fresh produce business, revealed why Biometic is among the leaders in grading, sorting, dynamic and optimization for the fruit and food processing industry. Their innovative scanners allow a reliable and accurate recognition of fruit defects, external and internal quality and an automated grading and sorting.

On this exhibition, Biometic presented 3 scanners.

Q Eye, a Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner, recognizes reliably external fruit defects. It grades and classifies fruits based on different quality categories. This scanner guarantees an optimize sorting and ultimately an increase of the resale value.

Q Eye XP is an Internal Fruit Quality Scanner used in the packaging line that is effective in detecting internal fruit defects. Its innovative approach involves the use of X-rays, an emerging technology not yet practically applied in the fruit industry. It complements other already established multi-sensor quality scanners, thus reducing post-storage waste with benefits for consumers. These technologies can also be used to measure additional parameters in other fruit species, and thus represent an additional value. Tests were done on South African Avocado varieties (Hass, Fuerte and Pinkerton) revealing that the Biometic Q Eye XP Scanner detects accurately internal defects like dead seed, cold damage, anomalous space between seed and pulp, and hail defects.

This year, Biometic’s showpiece was the Mito. This new Inline Computed Tomography scanner allows a 360° quality inspection: scanning of internal quality, detection of foreign bodies and 3D reconstruction of internal characteristics.