Baljer & Zembrod is an international leading supplier of innovative crane and conveying systems in the field of the wood working and recycling handling.

Baljer & Zembrod are specialists in the manufacturing of stationary heavy lift cranes for all sorts of operation ranges in the wood working, sawmilling as well as in the recycling and scrap handling.

With their high technical competence, they attend the projects of our clients from the project planning and engineering up to the completion of the plant. Moreover, we also guarantee the necessary after-sales service.

Thus we provide you with our support from the planning to the production of future oriented, high-quality and technically high-grade equipment, which contributes to the increase of economic efficiency of your company.

Baljer & Zembrod have an experience of more than 50 years in the manufacturing of round wood sorting and transporting cars and a lot of accessory parts and equipment in the field of sawmills.

The product line of cranes includes the PSX, the LGX, the OBX V-24, the OBX IV and the ASX II.