Grecon Spark Extinguiguishing Systems
Grecon spark extinguishing systems have been used for more than 30 years in many different industries. A spark extinguishing system consists of three components: detectors, control console and extinguishing system. Whenever organic or inorganic bulk materials are pneumatically or mechanically extracted or transported, the GreCon spark extinguishing system detects sparks and hot or glowing particles as well as other ignition sources in conveying facilities and eliminates them before they cause severe damage to filters, silos or other plant areas at risk. With a GreCon spark extinguishing system, the risk of fire or explosion in a monitored plant is substantially reduced.

Why Grecon?

  • The GreCon spark extinguishing system was introduced as a world first for preventive fire protection in 1973
  • Decades of expert in several industries
  • Over 200,000 installations worldwide
  • Global service team with more than 80 service experts