HILDEBRAND BRUNNER have pioneered the following technologies into common, every day use on kilns. Such as, high-capacity kilns with dropped ceilings, kilns in all aluminum construction method, reversible airflow, computer based kiln controls, electronic fan speed controls etc.

Patented know-how over 30 years has produced the HIGH VAC® range of super heated steam vacuum Kilns. These new technology kilns deliver faster and more economic drying with higher quality timber. With space saving rectangular alloy bodies allowing for higher loading capacity (5-500 m³), better uniformity of drying, easy trolley loading, BRUNNER computer management, patented technology bristles from these advanced kilns……..HIGH VAC®. Vacuum kilns are an addition to the classic Exhaust fresh air dry kiln. The HIGH VAC® MASTER developed in 2006 was further optimized our vacuum kiln drying and offers our customers even better drying quality.

Since 2017 HILDEBRAND offers the new generation of continues dry kilns. The HCK-Alexander combines our GreenKilns® and HTT® with the latest innovation at HILDEBRAND. The Kiln Prime Zone® allows the continuous kiln to dry different species, thicknesses with different initial moisture contents at the same time.