• Bruks Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors
    For feeding of roundwood chippers, a chain conveyor is used. The logs are transported on a deck consisting of six parallel chains. This is a very sturdy and wear-resistant design suitable for most operating conditions.

    Screw Conveyors
    These conveyors are used where tight and sturdy transport is required for, e.g., material discharged from chippers or mills, and also when transport is steep and/or transfer to other means of transportation is needed.
    The trough is made of U-shaped steel plate covered with a lock. The conveyor screw is welded to a center shaft with exchangeable shaft ends running in double spherical roller bearings.

    Vibrating Conveyors
    Our modular vibrating conveyors offer an extremely efficient, multi-functional method of conveying and processing different-sized bulk materials, including larger and longer pieces of processed wood. Their design ensures consistently high conveying speeds even under high loads.


  • Tubulator

    Wood logs and other goods can be transported at high speeds, in an energy saving, dust free and spill free system.