Extra precautionary measures for the users

To provide maximum safety for the user, Linddana has now developed an E-STOP kit.  It is especially relevant if you have unskilled employees or hire out your wood chipper.  In this case, it may be reassuring with an extra safety precaution on your wood chipper.

TP Wood Chippers always live up to the current legislation, EN 13525.  This standard is currently under review by an international committee, also with representatives from Linddana participating.  So we know the upcoming tendencies – and we want to be at the forefront of safety.

TP E-STOP consists of four emergency stop buttons.  An emergency stop button is fitted on each side of the funnel, and two emergency stop buttons are fitted above the funnel.  When one of the four emergency stop buttons has been activated, the rollers stop rotating.  To avoid unintentionally re-starting the rollers, the rollers must e restarted by first turning clockwise the red emergency stop button until the button pops out and the emergency stop button is once again in the operating position.  The emergency stop button has now been reset.  Next, the safety bar must also be pushed back to position 0, which will reset the whole emergency stop system.

There are two overall reason to ad an E-STOP kit to your machine:

  • That you do not accidentally restart the rollers during an accident
  • That outsiders can easily be helpful in an emergency – the emergency buttons are centrally placed outside of the funnel

A TP E-STOP kit can be retrofitted and is available to all handfed machines – as long as they are equipped with a TP PILOT.