Nukor has the honour of being chosen to supply two new Brunner Hildebrand Dry Kiln Projects

We will be installing the Hildebrand-Brunner HIGH-CAPACITY DRYER MODEL HTR100. The HTR100 Kiln is the most commonly used kiln in the timber industry to kiln dry wood.

These kilns are available in stack widths of up to 17 meters for forklift loaded kilns and in package lengths of up to 35 meters for track loaded kilns.

About Hildebrand-Brunner

About Hildebrand-Brunner

HILDEBRAND is the original and is still known as the market leader of Timber Drying Kiln manufacturers. Over the past 4 decades, many thousands of Hildebrand Kilns have been installed across the world. Hildebrand‘s quality and longevity are legendary everywhere. Many of these early kilns are still in operation today.

The product range includes:

-Forklift loaded kilns

-Single and double track kilns

-Continuous kilns.

-Heat Treatment Kilns ISPM15 for pallets and packaging wood


-Vacuum kilns

-Control systems for dry kilns

Brunner-Hildebrand recently introduced their new highly efficient continuous-type kiln, the HILDEBRAND Continuous Kiln Alexander (HCK-A). This type of continuous kiln is designed for mills that produce large volumes of lumber, e.g. dimension SPF.

The Hildebrand HCK-A is a continuous kiln with infeed / outfeed in one direction. Lumber packages are placed lengthwise on carts and dried during transport through a number of zones with separate climate conditions. These conditions are perfectly adjusted to the lumber moisture content at all times. Indexing of the kiln carts is performed by powerful hydraulic pusher units. Also featuring the “GreenKiln” technology for energy management and the Hildebrand Turbo Technology (HTT) to ensure tight final moisture distribution for maximum planer yield.