Nukor would like to introduce to you Biometic – a division of Microtec which provides Innovative Fruit Scanning Solutions.

Biometic is using the newest and most innovative technology, using optoelectronic multi-sensor quality scanning technologies, they enhance the quality and value of fruit by optimizing grading, sorting, storage and production. The scanners are integrable into any sorting line, there is no need to replace an existing line.

The Scanners are able to determine:

  • Colour (visible spectrum)
  • External quality
  • Internal quality
  • Dimension and volume
  • True shape, stalk, calyx and central axis

To optimise your production Biometic also offers:

Fruit Tracer – your all-encompassing fruit control suite. A tool for shipping and receiving goods, for packaging, warehouse and production management that offers complete tracking of your fruits.

Scale & Printer – Biometic’s industrial scale and printer are fully integrated into the Fruit Tracer solution. They are installed in packaging lines, to ensure a dynamic and precise weight of your boxes, which are automatically labelled according to your product-specific requirements.

Tally – the order-entry and order-handling solution from Biometic for the control and automation of your sorting line. Tally runs on any sorting machine and allows to grade fruit more accurately than ever before.

Fruit Scanners

Innovative Fruit Scanning

Biometic scanners reliably recognise fruit defects. Their software classifies fruits with precision and optimizes processing and sorting, according to customer specific final product quality requirements.

Please meet Biometic’s Q Eye scanner and the Mito scanner

Biometic Extensions

Biometic also offers solutions to improve your productivity:

  • Fruit Tracer
  • Checkweight and Labeling
  • Tally Fruit Sorter