Nukor has been trusting WEIMA to manufacture top quality shredders and briquette presses. WEIMA’s wood shredding machines and briquetting presses are exclusively developed and produced in Germany. Weima has more than 25 years of experience in building shredders and briquetting presses giving Nukor access to very wide range of waste wood shredders and briquetting presses to find the right solution for your size reduction needs.

The requirements of shredding and briquetting vary widely and require custom solutions, depending on the material being processed, the size of the operation, and its respective industry. WEIMA produces shredding and briquetting machinery that meets the unique needs of an array of operations and goals.

Thanks to WEIMA’s wide range of wood shredding and briquetting machinery and WEIMA as well as Nukor’s modification capabilities, we are able to fine-tune a shredder or briquetting machine to fit our customers’ individual needs.

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