Dust Extraction Units also known as a Baghouse, help reduce the dust in a workshop produced by Panel Saws and other Woodworking power tools.

We supply single, double and four-barrel dust extraction units. Our units are ideal for woodworking applications, sanding machines and energy-conscious customers.

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    Dust Extraction


    Dust Extractors or Dust Collectors gather dust and other impurities from air or gas to enhance the quality of air that gets released from industrial or commercial processes.

    MF9022 2.2kw single-barrel, MF9030 3kw double-barrel, MF9040 4kw double-barrel, MF9055 5.5kw double-barrel, MF9075 7.5kw double-barrel, MF9075A Square four barrels mobile dust collector, MF9075B Heightened mobile type dust collector, High-efficiency energy-saving cabinet type dust collector, MF9075A dust collector, MF9075, MF9075 specialized in sander, MF9011 specialized in sander