At Nukor we like working with Mill Industries because over and above manufacturing a full line of highly efficient and durable sawmilling equipment, Mill has the ability to supply to the most diversified sectors. Working with Mill Industries has helped us increase the success of our customers in the field of boilers, biomass storage silos, steam generation, and energy generation or cogeneration. The MILL Group, Equipment Unity, was founded in 1996 and initially manufactured saws and equipment for the lumber industry. Using innovative thought Mill was the pioneer in Brazil to manufacture equipment that utilizes saws with a narrow profile for cutting wood in large-scale. Since then it has changed the way to saw wood in Brazil – emphasizing the rentability and yield of wood by focusing on utilizing equipment more efficiently.

Mill began its work in the sawmilling industry with the machine line named Horizontal BandSaw. Over some years the company has developed sawmill machinery for the entire production line for the lumber industry. Mill caters full sawmill projects to sawmills of all sizes within the woodworking industry. Together with full sawmill project installations, Mill has invested heavily in the factory of lumber saw blades, thus becoming a one-stop sawmill manufacturer to its wood processing customers.

Through its innovation and constant improvement philosophy, the Mill Group developed their line of small, middle and large size Aquatube Boilers. The boilers are well known for their high yield.

Today, the MILL Group is one of the best-concept manufacturers of machines in the wooden sector. It has one of the most modern manufacturing parks of saws in Latin America. Mills provides complete bandsaw lines for the woodworking industry that offers:

  • Rectified and hardened teeth
  • Flat and homogeneous surface
  • Higher Resistance against wearing
  • Bigger quantity of reshapings
  • Longer durability of cutting
  • Easy lamination
  • Special steel