Nova Pellet brand means long experience and know how in project, production and start-up of wood pellet production plant. Nova Pellet means high quality machinery to pelletize every kind of raw materials that a client wants to recycle.
Nova Pellet manufactures a complete machinery range, from small pellet production to medium/high pellet production.

Competitive advantages to choose Nova Pellet.
Patented technology: all innovations of Nova pellet machinery are patented (“Structure of pellet mill machinery” – “Pellet mill machinery loading system”)
Energy Saving: 18 kg of pellet production every electrical kW installed and we install high efficiency servo drive engines
Customized project and installation: with only energy saving and high quality machinery and, moreover, plant’s lay out will save on electrical Kw installed and consumed
Eco-friendly: Nova pellet machinery permit to product high quality pellet, without any additives, also from organic origin, and you can obtain the A range into Din Plus certification.
Pellet testing: a small Nova pellet production plant shall test and study every kind of raw materials you need to pelletize.