BIOMETiC offers innovative tools and solutions based on advanced technologies, such as tomography and X-ray, for the automation and optimization of production processes in the food industry that increase the added value of the final product. The primary objective of BIOMETiC is to ensure the success and satisfaction of its customers in order to guarantee to the final consumer a safe and high-quality product.

BIOMETICs mission is to help those who produce and distribute food for people every day. Producers, retailers, and consumers evaluate the quality of food. At BIOMETiC, we make your products safer and, importantly, more cost-effective.

Food is a precious resource, and that is why we limit and, where possible, eliminate waste within the production chain with our solutions.

Put us to the test and let’s find the right customized solution for your company to best meet your inspection needs.


Passion and Innovation

We strongly believe in innovation to find new solutions and turn them into reality. And we also strongly believe that impossible is not an option.

That’s why everything we do is driven by the passion for introducing the best technologies in our industry. This, to: