URBAS has been designing, building and pioneering energy systems for the intelligent use of biomass fuels for over 20 years, thriving to achieve maximum sustainability through both economic and environmental objectives. The systems are specially designed to extract energy from even the most wet and coarse wood fuels from sawmills, woodworking factories and general forestry thinning. Constant innovation and research in this field allows us to be able to optimize each individual plant so that it can best meet its established requirements. As a general contractor, URBAS takes complete responsibility for the planning and establishment of every project. We also offer the customer security with a professional, high quality after sales services.
To date, URBAS have successfully realized and established over 1000 plants throughout Europe with power ratings ranging from 500kW to 15MW .

Plants designed to generate heat and electricity through the best use of biomass fuels.
Combined Heat and Power. The combined generation of heat and electricity ensuring maximum efficiency in the utilization of biomass fuels. URBAS have realized such CHP plants based on the steam cycle which are available as turnkey, URBAS biomass cogeneration plants

Process Steam Plants
Plants designed for the generation of high and low pressure steam used in production processes.

Process Steam plants. Many production processes in Food Processing-, Breweries-, Pharmaceutical and other various industrial enterprises rely on steam of the correct quality and quantities. Whether its low pressure or high pressure, URBAS are able to provide and realize plants which meet requirements and supply the most sophisticated solutions

Hot Water Plants
Plants which generate hot water for the supply of industrial and district heating networks.

Hot water plants. URBAS provides biomass boiler systems which supply hot water energy for industrial or district heating usages with power ratings ranging from 1 to 50 MW. Every plant is tailored to the needs of the operator to find the best solution depending on everything from fuel availability to the flue gas cleaning to ash removal to energy distribution

Wood Gas CHP
Electrical and thermal energy from wood.

A combustible gas, wood gas, is drawn from wood through a means of thermochemical processes which take place in a specially designed reactor. The raw gas is then separated of dust and tars through a filtering system. This cleaned gas is then used to produce combined heat and power through a gas engine + generator. Unlike other CHP technologies which are based on the combustion of biomass, and require a working medium, (water in a steam turbine, heat oil in the ORC-process) wood gas cogeneration requires no intermediate medium thus resulting in a higher electrical efficiency throughout the entire system.