Another successful Biometic grading installation by Nukor

Nukor recently installed and commissioned another successful Avocado grading solution for a customer in KZN on an old Cup Sizer.


TALLY W is the classification system that selects fruits according to their weight.

The system includes the Tally Fruit Control Suite that is the order-entry and order-handling center for the control and automation of your sorting line. The Fruit Control suite centralizes all information about each single fruit in order to forward each one to its appropriate destination.

Production is managed according to real time priorities. Tally Fruit Control Suite offers dynamic boxes assessment as orders are entered in the system. Using time trigger technology, dynamic controlling and timing of your sorting line is centralized in a single fruit control suite that integrates all major PLC systems and other input/output devices.


  • 100% control of the sorting process
  • Data elaboration and synchronization with incoming orders
  • Save the classification parameters in freely customizable charts
  • Safe process automation and time control with time trigger technology
  • Extensive interfaces with all major systems and input/output devices
  • Management of multiple sorting line
  • Print statistics of the batches
  • Electronic drivers for 24VDC ejectors