How to unblock your Pellet Mill

There are several reasons why your Pelletizer gets blocked and this is how you can fix it.

Prepare your Pellet Mill Die

New Pellet Die’s might have imperfections in the die holes due to the drilling process and these imperfections can cause blockage. To avoid this, you need to polish the pellet mill die. In order to polish the die, you need to process a mixture of river sand and oil through the die several times (we prefer this mixture however, there are others). This process help remove corrosion and cleans the surface of the die holes.

Prepare your raw materials

The materials you are feeding into the pelletizer should be mixed evenly before being added to the machine. The particles you are placing in the pellet mill need to be smaller than the diameter of the die holes. Adding particles that have not been hammer milled or are too large in size will cause a blocked die and can cause serious damage to your machine.

The moisture content of your raw materials play a major role

The ideal moisture content when making feed pellets is between 12 and 15%. If the raw materials you are using are too moist it will cause a blockage in your die as it is too soft and sticky and cannot compress the materials properly.