Looking to dry your wood with a reputable, well established kiln manufacturer…then look no further…

It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with the company Hildebrand Brunner.
Hildebrand International has been in operation since 1948 and have installed more than 15,000 kilns worldwide.

They merged with BRUNNER, an electronics controls manufacturer for HILDEBRAND in 1982 and the two companies became known as BRUNNER HILDEBRAND and have been developing and manufacturing quality, high technology timber drying products for the world market since then.

From their super-heated steam vacuum kilns to the new generation of continuous dry kilns, these new technology delivers faster and more economic drying with higher quality timber.

Some of the kiln ranges are…
Conventional Kilns;
Progressive Kilns;
Steaming & Special Kilns;
Vacuum Kilns;
Look no further for quality and contact us for a quotation!