Scanning for External and Internal Defects on South African Avocados

Biometic, a division of Microtec

The tests were performed using the Q Eye 301 scanner to test the external quality, while the internal quality was checked using X-Ray (Q Eye XP) and the In-line Computer Tomograph (MiTO)

Detecting dead seed in Fuerte and Hass variety by X-Ray

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Fuerte variety very often present an empty space around the seed and that this space is not a symptoms of internal damages.  The dead seed defect is detectable by comparing the density of the pulp with the density of the seed.  Usually the density of the seed is higher than the pulp; in presence of dead seed, the density of the seed is lower than the pulp.  In the following images the whiter areas means higher density.

Dead Seed Detection operated by Q Eye XP

The Scanners are able to determine:

  • Colour (visible spectrum and Near Infrared)
  • External quality
  • Internal quality (X Ray and Computer Tomograph)
  • Dimension and volume
  • True shape, calyx and central axis